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Gone are the days of scrolling dozens of different car websites and checking hundreds of emails. With MaxFindsCars, every time your dream car is listed for sale online we add it to a morning email, just for you. One email every morning to find your dream car, that's it.

Some Porsche art.

More features coming soon!

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  • Subscribe for $2.25/month for the life of your subscription.
  • Enter the make and model of your next car(s) on your MaxFindsCars account.
  • Receive an email every morning with every one of the make(s) & model(s) you subscribed to that was listed for sale online from the previous day. The dealerships and websites we gather listings from is growing all the time!
  • Automatically get access to every new MaxFindsCars feature, forever. No changes in your price, more value for you. See the Roadmap below!
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  1. ✅Create the most entertaining automotive newsletter on the internet.
  2. ✅Build listings notification aggregator for Porsche 911's. Subscribers will never miss a new Porsche 911 listing online.
  3. ✅Open subscriptions to the public, starting at the lowest price MaxFindsCars will ever be. $1/mo, for as long as the founding users stay subscribed.
  4. ✅Allow users to subscribe to listings of any make/model. From BMW M5's, to Bugatti EB110's, to thrashed Nissan Altimas. New subscribers will pay $2.25/mo once complete.
  5. Filters! The plan will be to add these mostly one at a time, starting with most requested. At the start, I'll be adding filters for locations, and ranges for year, mileage, and price. New subscribers will pay $3.75/mo once complete.
  6. This... is where the secret features start. I'll announce them soon but, not just yet!